Boomer Frame-Up

Boomer Frame-Ups are FUN, CLEVER and NOSTALGIC. They are one of a kind, assemblage art pieces, that have been designed and lovingly hand-crafted to honor the multitude of feelings brought up when we take a little journey down memory lane. Think of them as a vintage party for your eyes and heart!

Each Boomer Frame-Up begins with genuine, original 1950’s or 60’s art, culled from the pages of a vintage Dick and Jane Primer (maybe the one you used to learn to read), a Golden Book, or perhaps a vintage Comic book. Next, small cut outs from other classic pages are added and then a delightful caption of scrabble tiles (mostly vintage) to complete the 3-D assemblage. The frames are new and chosen to off-set each piece of art – for display on table top or wall. Then, my vintage loving friends, it’s up to you. Will you keep this timeless piece for yourself to enjoy and cherish or joyfully and proudly share it as a gift? 

Designed by – and primarily for Baby Boomers, to celebrate yesterday, today and tomorrow…

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