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Remember when you were stuck in that rotten mess of a situation? You didn’t know what to say or what to do… and desperately wanted to get out of the mess. What you really wanted was someone or something to magically appear and just tell you what to do, didn’t you? Good News! What Do I Say? What Do I Do? is proud to present the first in a series of practical guides to the Do’s and Dont’s in tough situations. Get ready for a light read on a heavy subject:

“WHAT DO I SAY? WHAT DO I DO? When someone I care about is going through a DIVORCE”

This book is your missing guide for eliminating the faux pas, feet in mouth and crazy discomfort. It was written for all of us who ever wanted to be of loving service and support for a friend in crisis, yet wondered… “What Do I Say? What Do I Do?”



It’s a given that anyone could benefit from having a coach, and Sandye may be just the one you need. She’s ‘Auntye Sandye’ when you need compassion and tough as nails when you need a kick in the butt. Want a coach who cares about your success and believes in you – sometimes more than you do? Interested in some ‘Center Court’ coaching… coaching that puts you ON the field; calling the plays and running with the ball instead of having someone tell you what you should be doing as you sit in the stands (in the nose bleed section) on a hard bench, straining to see the game and nibbling on stale peanuts? Come on… Get in the game!


Seminars and Training

If you have a group – social, business-related or corporate, we have the coaching, seminars and training for you! Sandye and her associates are known for their contagious enthusiasm, passion, creativity and high impact presentations. If what you want is a powerfully delivered wealth of information, presented in a style that both engages and delights audiences, Sandye and the team are your go-to trainers!