Why Are We Here?

At What Do I Say? What Do I Do? we intend to break the cycle of “I don’t know what to say or do so I’ll say nothing, do nothing and just disappear”. By empowering people to use straight talk and generous listening, empathy and compassion, relationships will flourish, people will feel safer and supported and hey, the world will be a better place.



When WDISWDID founder, Sandye Linnetz, was divorced after a 20-year marriage, she noticed that some of her friends and family were great, some ‘tried’ to be helpful and others simply disappeared. It didn’t take long to realize that few of the people in her life had even a clue about how to deal with someone experiencing abandonment, anger, hurt or misery. When her father died a year later, the discomfort of those around her was obvious. People did and said some wonderful things… others brought only more pain and stress in the name of ‘sympathy’.

We learned reading, writing and arithmetic, but school didn’t teach us compassion or empathy or even how to communicate honestly and generously. That makes it very difficult – if not impossible – for some of us to be truly supportive in really tough situations.

I can recall countless incidents when someone I cared for needed me and I simply didn’t know what was appropriate. Sometimes I got lucky and said exactly what they needed to hear. Sometimes I said or did the wrong thing and sometimes I just stayed away.

~ Excerpt from
WHAT DO I SAY? WHAT DO I DO? When someone I care about is going through DIVORCE.

And, so, my friends, What Do I Say? What Do I Do? was established… first as a conversation, then as a facebook group, next as a series of weekly blog posts and finally into a series of books detailing how to function in uncomfortable situations and Motivate and Activate – weekly conversations on topics that touch our hearts… or a nerve.