Careful, you’re gonna fall for this… but don’t lose your BALANCE. This clever, hand crafted art piece is a 9X7 framed assemblage. The vintage art is genuine Dick and Jane and the Scrabble tiles tell the whole story in one word: Balance!  For the child or the child in you, this one is handcrafted with a theme that will shatter your equilibrium.

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This delightful and colorful Boomer Hang-Up is a one-of-a-kind, original assemblage with genuine, nostalgic art gleaned from a vintage 60’s Dick and Jane primer – maybe even the one that you used in primary school to learn to read! Take a good look. Jane is balancing on her new skates and Dick (peeking over the 9X7 frame) is doing a balancing act of his own. For the ‘inner child’, athlete, aerobics or yoga lover, this piece is ready to sit or hang and be loved.