AW SHIT! Now now, relax. They’re just words and Baby Sally is pretty upset. Look, look, this is vintage Dick and Jane art and the storyline is theirs. The hand cut vintage paper, including Puff and Spot having a field day, and the wooden Scrabble tiles help to make this hand-crafted assemblage a piece of art for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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AW SHIT   This hilarious and ‘colorful’ Boomer Hang-Up is a one-of-a-kind, original assemblage with genuine, nostalgic art gleaned from a vintage 60’s Dick and Jane primer – maybe even the one that you used in primary school to learn to read! Take a good look. Sally dropped the ice cream out of her cone. Puff and Spot don’t care about any 5 second rule. They’re eating Sally’s precious ice cream. Sure she’s little, but she’s MAD!