This is a totally fun, 6X8, framed assemblage starring Baby Sally (who I don’t really think is old enough to drive) and a road block.  Sally was pulled (literally) from the pages of a very vintage Dick and Jane early primer. Even the car in this art piece is designed to tug on your heart strings and remind you of your great uncle what’s-his-name, who drove an old car like Sally’s. Bet he wishes he could have a cool Boomer Frame-Up like this… but he can’t. It’s one-of-a-kind!

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Sally is not a relaxed driver (we’re not even sure she has a license). In this delightful, vintage art piece, Sally (cut from the pages of a vintage Dick and Jane early reader) is in her car and distressed to be blocked by Spot and Puff. You do remember Spot and Puff, don’t you? Genuine Scrabble tiles that verily scream MOVE IT!, and a cutout of little Sally, complete this beautifully framed 6X8 handcrafted assemblage. This would be a perfect gift for a new driver, new car owner, little wanna-be driver or anyone who’s ever driven or been a passenger in a car. See what I did there?