PEEK A BOO is in a crispy white, sturdy, 6″ X 8″ frame for table top or wall. The art is vintage Dick and Jane. No copies – this is vintage 1950’s art – it’s all original, genuine aka THE REAL DEAL! And, by the way, so are the Scrabble tiles. (Well, the tiles are from the 50’s but I’m not sure you can call them art) This adorable, hand-crafted and one of a kind assemblage is a great baby shower, new kidlet or toddler gift… or maybe for a Baby Boomer who wants to smile.

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“PEEK A BOO Mother”, says Dick. “Guess, Guess!” shout Jane and Sally as they look on. And another little one is propped up in the corner – she wants to play, too! The only thing scary about this hand-crafted assemblage of vintage cut paper and nostalgic Scrabble tiles is that it’s one-of-a-kind… Don’t wait too long or it’ll be gone.