What is WORDART?

WORDART is Sandye Linnetz’s love child! Okay, maybe it’s her passion, but it is what she loves to do… to share her thoughts and words of wisdom with the world – via vibrant color and clever configuration. Wildly whimsical and patently philosophical, Sandye Linnetz’s WORDART is designed to delight you and make you think.

WORDART is positive. It’s inspiring. It’s delightful. And it’s very, very share-able! You can enjoy your daily hit of WORDART on the What Do I Say? What Do I Do? Facebook group where you’ll find a daily assortment of inspirational and motivational quotes, videos, and wordart as well as some of Sandye’s spot-on coaching.

You can order your favorite wordart “QUOART” ( A quoart is an artistically designed quote, meme, phrase) in take-home version from the WORDART SHOP. Order a print or an original.


The WORDART SHOP is also where you’ll find Sandye’s Trio of wordart Books, a whole range of wordart Gifts (from mugs to magnets), and now we’ve added a wordArt Gallery!

In the gallery you will find the new Boomer Frame Ups; original, genuine vintage, 3-D framed art (from the pages of the primers and books you loved as a child), cleverly paired with scrabble tile captions! Each is lovingly hand-made, with new ones frequently added.

You will also find photos of Sandye’s Baby Block Party; vintage assemblage art – and an order form for you to order your custom-made piece.

The WORDART SHOP is the home of happiness and inspiration. Sandye puts creativity, color and her wildly contagious JOY into every piece she produces for you.

Enjoy, gift and maybe even hoard!