OWIE is a framed, 3-D, 5X7 delight of vintage art, scrabble tiles and nostalgic memories that play your heart strings! Remember that owie you had? How about the one HE had, or SHE had… and you kissed it and made it better. Yep, that one. And now you can share that joy – but only once. This piece (like each of the Boomer Hang-Ups) is hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind art piece. Nostalgia is better than a bandaid.

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When someone has an OWIE it just has to be bandaged and shown! Little Sally (yes she’s the real deal – right out of a genuine, vintage Dick and Jane early reader) has a boo boo, an “owie”. Sally is so dang cute you just want to kiss it for her! Enjoy and display, or gloriously gift, this ever-so-sweet vintage art  piece. The scrabble tiles say it all: “OWIE”. It’s framed with those tiny, precious cut-outs of Baby Sally along the mat; all adding up to the nostalgic 3-D effect of this hand-crafted art piece. This would make a cheery get well gift, a doctor gift for the owie-fixer in your life, or simply a delightful present of the past for someone who remembers Sally… or ever had an owie.