Just ASK 1

By Sandye Linnetz

The Beatles said it so well, “If you want it, here it is. Come and get it”! That seems easy enough, doesn’t it? So, if it’s that easy why don’t we always have everything that we say we want?

According to “The Secret” you can have anything if you focus on it and picture having it. That sounds easy. It just doesn’t sound very logical. Sorry, I’m just not feeling, it…

I can’t help thinking that there must be a missing step. Think it and it happens seems waaaay to simplified. Along with focusing on something, I believe in taking ACTION. Isn’t there something that, if done would ‘grease the wheels’ and set us up to get what we say we want? BINGO! Focus AND Action. Here’s the real ‘secret’ as I see it…

It is so obvious that most of us don’t take advantage of the simplest tool we have available to us. That simple tool? Our ability to ASK! Get clear about what you want – be sure it’s what you want and then ASK for it.  So many times we forget to do that. It really is so simple and yet we silly humans overthink and underact. Often, our fear of getting turned down (or some other story we made up about putting ourselves ‘out there’) stops us. We forget to do it, don’t feel like we ‘should’ do it – or we are admittedly afraid to do it. It’s just moving lips and pushing air…

Sometimes we don’t ask because we think ‘they’ should know what we want. Or, we don’t ask because, to us, it’s so obvious. (How many men have ‘gone down’ for not knowing what was on ‘her’ mind?) So, we silently think it and wait to see if they do it, give it or say it. Really? Mindreading? Seems ridiculous to expect that others can read our minds when they can barely make out what it is that we want when we actually tell them. I mean, really, do you read minds? It is ridiculous – illogical and very unlikely… and, oops, we’ve all done it.

Yes, there is a way to get what you want in life, and it’s the same personally or professionally. Do you want a favor? An answer? More ice cream? A kiss? That job? The sale? Some help? More money? Time off?   … ASK for it!

Determine what you want. Define it. Design it. Then ask for it. Ask a friend, a relative, a stranger, a lover, an associate, a client, a mentor or the universe, but ASK.

Be willing to make some bold and outrageous requests. (oh, and be SPECIFIC)

wdmills says:

Funny. I just finished drafting an email to do just this — and then I saw reference to this on your Facebook page. Power in action!