Questions? Oh, Yes, I Have Questions! 3

by Sandye Linnetz

I love questions. Questions can be so powerful; especially those that lead to more questions. We potentially move beyond what we know, past presumption, past black and white, past our point of view and into the realm of possibility, the unknown and even into that stuff we didn’t know that we didn’t know! Questions move us to look inside, explore, weigh, ponder and search past assumptions. Clarity and understanding are potential fallout . The value of questioning as a step just before action enhances our ability to choose, justify and move. The questions you ask are powerful tools for growth… yours and everyone else who hears them!

There is an ancient parable about a young student who, to prove his worthiness as a spiritual master, was instructed by his teacher to move a large boulder from one location to another – by sunrise. He was instructed to use all of his power to accomplish this feat. He pushed as hard as he could but the boulder didn’t budge. He was exhausted and felt doomed to failure. The teacher came by just before sunrise and, seeing that the boulder had barely been moved, suggested that the student might make better use of his power with the aid of a tool. The student took the teacher’s suggestion; ran for a strong board and began to slowly move the rock. But he was running out of time and could see that this wasn’t going to work either. He threw himself to the ground in despair.

The master came by again and quietly asked, “Have you used ALL of your power”?

“Yes”, replied the young man, “and I am physically and spiritually exhausted! I have no power left.”

“Not so,” said the Master, “you have more power. You have not asked for my help. You have the power to do that. I told you to use ALL of your power.”

The student was humbled as he asked for the wise teacher’s help.

“Yes, I will gladly help you,” said the master as he called to his other students to join them. Together, they quickly moved the rock to the new location.

Sometimes our power comes from those around us. Sometimes we simply need to ASK.

Diana says:

I’m addicted to asking questions. LOVE this post. AND I LOVE YOU! Questions = My secret weapon for all things awesome! xo

You got it! No questions = No results

Jazmin Casillas says:

This is so true. One of my naive fears regarding asking questions was the perception that in doing so it would make me look weak. Took a long time to realize it’s the complete opposite. Thank you.