US TWO is Jane and Sally (yes, THAT Jane and Sally from the pages of Fun with Dick and Jane, etc). We’re talkin’ vintage paper art and paper cutouts (also Jane and Sally). Add in those nostalgic wooden Scrabble tiles and you have a Boomer Frame-Up designed to stir up your memories memories and captivate your heart. This one is 6″X8″ and designed for table top or wall. It’s also designed to captivate you, make you smile and buy it NOW.  Come on… for your BFF or your real life sister…

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US TWO… said another way it might be “SISTERS”. This is a hand-crafted, one of a kind art piece… There is only one of these! And there are two sisters!! Don’t fight. Every Boomer Frame-Up is one of a kind so you may have to share. One month at her house (table top or wall) and one month at yours. It could work.