Rx LOVE is a 6″X8″ framed hand-crafted art piece with the nostalgic wooden Scrabble tiles and that tiny, precious cut-out of Baby Sally and Tim (someone’s got the sniffles) along the mat. It all adds up to the ‘gotta have it’ 3-D effect that this assemblage of healing love  will have on everyone who see it. One of a kind. You know what that means… buy now or cry later Okay, that might be harsh, but wouldn’t you love to own this? Table top display or hang it on the wall.

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Enjoy and display, or gloriously gift, this ever-so-sweet vintage art  piece. The scrabble tiles say it all: RX LOVE. Laughter is NOT the best medicine… it’s LOVE (‘specially from Mother and Grandmother). This would make a cheery get well gift, a doctor gift for the healer in your life, or simply a delightful present of the past for someone who remembers being sick in bed and maybe even get their chest rubbed (then covered with a towel) with Vick’s Vaporub!

Did you notice Sally in the tiny 3-D cut out. She’s Rx-ing Tim with love!