Self Sabotage

Unlock your money magnet!

When I was a teenager, living in an upper middle community, I looked around and (mostly unconsciously) judged the people around me who had lots of money. There were lots of ‘them’ to observe and, after deciding that my family was on the poor side, I made a slew of decisions about rich people. It wasn’t conscious, but it was pretty ugly and the rich folks didn’t fare well with me at all.

People – well, kids, with lots of money, I decided, were catty, popular and phony. As a group they were self-centered and self-important, unbalanced, unspiritual (but went to church to be social), wasteful, never satisfied, stuck-up, good looking (with great taste in clothes) and lucky… very, very lucky. I saw their parents – when I bothered to even give them a thought, as absent, cold, busy, powerful, snobby, and cruel to those who weren’t rich. And that was just the start of what I determined! I also ‘learned’ that men controlled the money, women overspent the money and that there was a finite amount of money – and these people were hogging it! That was my story and for me it was real.

As I moved out of the early chapters of my life, making the next level of my decisions – far more ‘adult’ decisions about people who had lots of money – I decided that people who did things with the intent to make a lot of money:

  • Didn’t do things that ‘made a difference on the planet’ (Which was fine with me because ‘everyone knows’ that teaching will never make you rich and ‘doing good’ wasn’t lucrative.)
  • Were never satisfied with what they did make. (Enter the workaholics.)
  • Were always afraid of losing what they had.
  • Were afraid of failing.

So I didn’t set out to make LOTS of money, I simply followed my passions and had FUN. It was working. At one point, years ago when the dollar was worth a lot more, I earned $500 every 15 minutes!

That was then…  Years later, my ‘abundance’ began to disappear. What??? I decided that I needed a minimum of $2M (in savings and assets) to support my ‘golden years’. Desperation set in (dangerous stuff). Why wasn’t the money coming in? This wasn’t fun anymore.

And, that’s when I started to became CONSCIOUS about my relationship with money. It was going to take lots of money to get everything I wanted and needed. How was I going to make that happen? And, what was blocking me now? It was so easy in the past.

The BIG AHA MOMENT: My life was no longer about the passion and FUN; it was all about making lots of money. I was so attached to that end result that my happiness and self-worth had become dependent on it. My inner peace and balance were attached to having something ‘happen’ instead of being present and enjoying the NOW. The first step to creating change is awareness, right? Questions followed…

Who would I have to BE to have it all? Why would my unconscious mind – there to protect me – let me become one of ‘those’ people? Simple answer, it wouldn’t! My subconscious mind stealthily reminded me that I didn’t actually like rich people; that I said I didn’t want to be like them. I said I want to have $2M and a comfortable monthly income that allows me to live and give in abundance. Rich people have that – and more. But, at some level, I didn’t want to be a rich person! My subconscious mind was sabotaging my moneymaking efforts based on how negatively I’d judged high earners. My silly subconscious was actually protecting me… from me!

My beliefs weren’t necessarily bad or wrong, they were just… mine; appropriate and realistic at the time I formed them. They were partially true, but incomplete and simplified.

Now that I have brought my old beliefs about money up to the conscious level, I can move out of my old pattern of unconsciously following them—even (and especially) when they’re not working—and create a whole new, healthier, passionate and FUN relationship with money. Old $ubcon$ciou$ belief$… you’re not welcome in my new world!





 By Sandye Linnetz

Six degrees of separation is for real! It’s pretty astounding (and kind of overwhelming) to think about being just 6 connections (well, more like 6.6 connections) away from ANYONE and EVERYONE on the planet. Our social networks connect the whole world. Of course I’m including those on the internet like face book and linked in, but I couldn’t leave out clubs, teams, schools, religious organizations, book clubs, sewing circles…

I know you’re tempted to prove this for yourself and connect with the Pope or Lady Gaga right now, and based on the research, you probably can, but please wait three minutes and read on…

“…the oft-cited report that people are separated by “six degrees of separation” and (we) find that the average path length is 6.6.”               

Our lives are filled with social networking opportunities, and the more you participate, the more you connect. There is an assumption here that, like me, connection is something that you value.

I did my ‘Google research’, and the results suggest that Facebook use (e.g. belonging to – and participating in groups like What Do I Say? What Do I Do?) actually provide us with the opportunity to develop and maintain real social connectedness and relationships. Even more important to me is that this connectedness has been associated with lower depression and anxiety, better general health and an overall greater satisfaction with one’s life.

That, by the way, is one of the main reasons that I started the What Do I Say? What Do I Do? group; it’s a forum for connecting and sharing. When you participate – and invite others to do so with you – you are growing your circle and theirs (and mine!). It’s both engaging and fun to post a question or situation that others may also be anxious to address.

I’m a mindset and accountability coach. It’s my passion. I’m all about engaging with you on any level. Whether you have a serious concern like “What do I do when my child is about to make an obviously bad decision?” or a seemingly frivolous one like “My friend has an annoying habit of belching in public”, you can bet your karma that you’re not alone in the inquiry! That’s why we post ‘out loud’ and request opinions – or coaching – from others.

Okay, I’m done for today… go connect with the Dalai Lama.