It’s RAINING resources… Find ‘em and REIGN in yours!


There is always so much around us – all the time – stuff that begs to be discovered and used by us…. And, so often, we simply don’t see it; or if we ‘see’ it we don’t realize that it’s ours for the taking. There are opportunities we miss, experiences we avoid, people we don’t engage with and ‘no’s’ that stop us – instead of inspiring us. What if it’s true that everything we ‘need’ is right here – right now? What if you actually saw your world that way? What if you stopped ‘seeking’ stuff and let the ‘finder’ in you take charge? What if your awareness was so BIG and so broad that you recognized the resources around you and used them? Are you smiling yet?

Years ago, when I worked and coached at a wonderful company called Process Prodigy, my focus was on creating systems to make our clients’ lives easier and their businesses more profitable. The systems were the proverbial ‘giving them the fish to eat for a day’. But of even more value was teaching them to recognize and reign in resources that they didn’t even know they had. Now they could “eat for a lifetime”!

Our clients learned how to delegate when there was seemingly no one to delegate to, to use systems to get more done in less time, and generally how to create a better life and build a more profitable business using whatever was available! First, of course, though I’m not sure that I realized it at the time, people had to learn to “see” and identify the resources around them.

And it was that ‘history’ of mine that led me to this blog… to identify the ‘steps’ I’ve used to become aware of the amazing resources I have. Now it’s time to share some of them with you!

  1. As usual, the first step is AWARENESS. I expect to find resources, so I’m constantly looking for them, open to them and noticing possibilities and opportunities at every turn of my head. It might be a penny on the street (walked on and over by countless others), a for-sale sign, or a new acquaintance that ‘knows somebody who knows somebody’; all are potential resources. All are on my radar.
  2. Although I hesitate to use the term ‘think outside the box’, it is what I do. I take little at ‘face value’ and ponder (there’s a word we don’t use very often) what else could that be used for or what else could that mean?
  3. It’s formulate the questions time! I know that my brain, my always busy mind, is my GREATEST RESOURCE so I use it – I ‘google’ it – with a barrage of open ended, positively formed questions and wait for the answers to start flowing. They always do…
  4. I love the California lottery slogan, “you can’t win if you don’t play”… so I play! Commonly heard from my lips: “Let’s give it a shot! Let’s make it happen! Sounds good to me! I’m IN! Let’s do this thing!”
  5. ASK!!! I don’t hesitate to ask – anyone… anything! I ask for help. I ask for suggestions. I ask for what I want. I ask for what I need. It’s amazing how supportive Universe and its inhabitants can be! Asking gets me so much! might be the perfect parking spot or (and I swear this really happened) a huge discount on a new car…sometimes it’s a new client, much needed information or a date. It’s even gotten me the mentor of my dreams!
  6. NO isn’t the end. It is not a stop sign for me. I see a “NO” simply as an opportunity to get creative and try something else. There is no failure for me. When something doesn’t ‘work’ I get inspired and fired up. There’s always another way…
  7. I VALUE the resources I have and I’m GRATEFUL for them all. It’s not unusual to hear me thank my car (who’s name, by the way, is ‘Coach’) for getting me safely and comfortably from place to place. The people in my life are amazing. I know it and I let them know it, too. Even when I am feeling ‘technologically challenged’ there is gratitude for all that technology affords me.

Money, time, people, ideas, tools; all the resources I have… I am grateful and humbled by their magnitude and magnificence!

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Are you a SEEKER or a FINDER?


There I sat, cross-legged on a pillow in the living room of a new friend, with a dozen or so other ‘new friends’ talking about A Course in Miracles. He asked us what we wanted. A woman near me told us all that that was a hard question. He laughed and asked again.

The answers started coming at him fast and furiously… love, connection, peace, joy, spirituality, purpose… With each response people smiled and nodded and added more. Having heard most of the things on my list already mentioned, I said ‘a peanut butter and jelly sandwich’. People laughed… he smiled gently at me and asked, “What will that get you?” Ah ha! I wasn’t trying to be a smart ass and he sensed that, so he asked me to say more. It didn’t take me long to realize that it gave me comfort and security. Heads nodded furiously… they wanted comfort and security, too.

Interesting, he said, that we all know exactly what we want and we all want the same things. He went on. “Where can you get all those things?” Without any hesitation we simultaneously pointed to ourselves. “Oh, so you even know where to get what you want. And when can you get it?” The word NOW resounded like a chorus – as if we’d been rehearsing that answer for years.

“You all want the same things. You know where to get them and you even know the best time to grab them. So what’s stopping you? Why aren’t you living a life with all of what you want right now?”

Simple. We were ‘seeking’. I know for myself, that I was still scurrying around looking for evidence that those things even existed. Maybe, if I could prove to myself that they were real and available, THEN I could reach out and grab some. For many of us the seeking is the best part of the game. Personally, I love being a detective. Besides, if I found all I was looking for, the game would be over, wouldn’t it? Then what?

Finders don’t need to collect evidence; no proof necessary. Finders have no doubt about whom they are, why they are here or what is available. And here’s the cosmic joke: When we transform from seeker to finder we will finally be available to participate, consciously and wholeheartedly, in the greatest gift we’ve been given (get ready, joke coming)… which is the life we are already living right now!

Try this on: Give up looking! Pay attention (I mean REALLY notice!) all that stuff that’s all around you – right here; right now. You don’t have to become a spiritual sage (unless that floats your boat), but imagine a life free of the seeking; a life of natural knowing. (Cuz, hey, if I understand it correctly – and I think I do – all that good stuff is true, anyway!).

What if you gave up the struggle and insecurity of trying to ‘find’ and ‘become’ and just let yourself lean back into the universe and ‘be’, instead.  Can you imagine being the best you possible, living your highest potential for the good of all (pimples, warts and all), just because you’re in love with life and committed to sharing the joy?

Seek and ye shall find? Find and you can stop seeking!