By Sandye Linnetz


In case you didn’t read the “Sometimes You Just Need A Good Ole Generic Aspirin” blog post, I suggest you do that now. Hey, even if you did read it, read it again. Come on, it’s not even 300 words – it’ll take like two minutes… and it will be worth it. As a matter of note, it just may be what you need to create a whole new appreciation for your business, your self or those thoughts you keep having that just don’t seem to gel with the current popular wisdom.

In business, having a specific niche (i.e., specialized and specific corner of the market) does make marketing easier. It does make developing materials easier. Fact is, it makes a lot of things easier.

Personally, you having a well-defined niche (a comfortable or suitable position in life) makes it easier to make choices; What will you wear? Who will your friends be?

However, another way to say ‘niche’ is PIGEON HOLE, and personally, I don’t want to be stuck in one! I want the freedom to make choices – in my business and my personal life, without regard to what common wisdom says I ‘should do’! Seriously, common wisdom says dump all the negative people in your life… what if some of them just need a little mindset adjustment, or your loving support through some tough times? Business, ‘they’ say, is about making money… and I have no objection to making tons of it, but not at the expense of my dignity, self-esteem or integrity. I will not make promises (or implications) of miracles that I’m not sure I can deliver – just to get someone else’s dollar.

So, where does the aspirin come in, you ask? Well, aspirin’s niche is ‘anyone with aches, pains, fever, inflammation’… that, at one time or another, is pretty much the whole dang planet, isn’t it? It is a non-specific, generic drug that can make you feel better and perhaps allow you to then choose a specific, niche doctor or treatment for your specific ailment. That’s, by the way, what I do. I am not a psychiatrist (and I’ve never played one on TV) – but I will certainly recommend one, if necessary. Through conversation and coaching I empower people to feel better, see if there’s ‘work to be done’ on a specific issue and then guide you toward finding the best tools, resources and people for tackling it. I am aspirin.

400,000 tons of aspirin are consumed a year… if you’re aspirin, you’re a member of a pretty significant community.



I am not glaucoma medicine, a cure for gastritis, hemorrhoids, or heart disease. I am more like aspirin – an amazing generic (i.e., all-encompassing, comprehensive, nonproprietary) healing substance with therapeutic and protective capabilities. While it is true that, like aspirin, I have no specific healing ‘niche’ (other than my superpower of disappearing your general ‘aches and pains’ or reducing your ‘fever’ or inflammation), it does appear that I have been proven to be very useful in a wide variety of pretty serious situations that you may encounter (and I seem so basic and simple, don’t I?).

Aspirin is one of the most widely used medications in the world with an estimated 40,000 tons of it being consumed each year… and it’s a generic medicine! Hmmm, it’s a lowly generic AND that widely in demand? Popular wisdom would say that’s not possible. They (whomever ‘they’ are) tell us that we have to market to a very specific niche or we’ll fail. Guess that’s not true when you actually have something that can be used by almost anyone at sometime and by many people, all the time. That’s me… my ‘active ingredients’ are extremely powerful in a multitude of life-disturbing and life-altering situations and can be used for both tough, specific issues and little, annoying challenges.

Some folks use aspirin ‘long-term’ and/or at low doses, to help prevent serious problems. I can be used the same way. Taken daily, aspirin can keep your blood thin and running smoothly… I can keep your mood elevated and your life running smoothly.

Aspirin is on the World Health Organization’s list of the most important medications needed in a basic health plan… I like to think that I am also that valuable to humanity. What I have for you is connection, compassion, conversation, queries, community and coaching. Or you can use me for advice, accountability, finding answers, moving into action and/or sharing your ideas and opinions. I exist to inspire you… to motivate and empower you and to make YOU feel good about YOU! And I do all that while we’re all having FUN!

I am What Do I Say? What Do I Do? – How you use me is up to you, but USE ME.

What Do I Say? What Do I Do? – WHAT DO YOU MEAN?

Why this blog? What do I mean by writing it? Well, this is my way to get in communication with you… to engage with you in a way that makes a real practical and spiritual difference in our lives. This is where we open a conversation of possibility, one that inspires you! And, when you ‘invite’ me to do so, I will joyfully (and gratefully) light a fire under you and MOVE YOU TO ACTION! I’ll light the fire… YOU take the action!

Yes, you read that correctly… I will GRATEFULLY be your catalyst for mastery, excellence and joy! That’s my passion; having the opportunity to empower you to be, do and have everything for your greatest good! You get your choice of miracles (which makes me smile inside and out). And, for giving me the gift of passion and possibility, I thank you in advance. Truly. You are about to make a huge difference in MY life – as I will in yours.

How do I do that? (Seriously, do you really care as long as I deliver?) Ok, I’ll tell you…

I have one proverbial foot in the practical ‘real’ world and one in the spiritual ‘woo woo’ world. I am bilingual! So, as I take you on a “MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR” (thank you Beatles!!!) of questions, processes, ideas and more, I will be reminding you of who your really are and what you already knew…

That’s my job. Your job is to participate – fully, here and with those around you. Sometimes you’ll have a question. Sometimes you’ll be engaged in someone else’s inquiry. Play full out – that’s how the game is won!