Here you have an 8″ X 10″ assemblage of colorful, new and vintage wooden ABC blocks and bean bag animals . Hand-crafted and one of a kind (and, yes, you can order a custom Baby Block Party with your NAME or your child’s or your grandchild’s or even a stranger’s). This is true vintage adorableness. Those are the genuine, original Beanie Babies and adorable Teenie Beanies of the early 90’s.The tags have been cut off for the sake of art.Creatively intertwined, the combination of blocks and beanies is a total delight… and a perfect baby shower, birthday or just because gift.

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FAMILY is at the heart of everything, isn’t it? And this family is hanging out at the block party… The Baby Block Party! Remember playing with blocks like these? Towers, finding your name, throwing them at your little sibling? Ah, those were the days… and to honor them you have this funtastic art piece for the baby’s room, the playroom, the bedroom or, if you’re really into family… on the fireplace mantel.