You don’t have to let this 5X7 Boomer Frame-Up stir up memories of your youth… but it probably will. Remember Dick and Jane? Well, this is classic 50’s and 60’s vintage art (no, not prints – the actual pictures from the real primers). This assemblage is handmade, classic, one-of-a-kind fun. Great present for Dad… or anyone who ever had one!

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This Boomer Frame-Up was designed for Dad; partly because he’s so dang hard to buy presents for and partly because all the lucky kids got to slide with him and it was so so so fun. Slidin’ Dad and little Sally are from a vintage 60’s reader and the cutout of Dick, who’s watching and wanting to join in the fun, is from an even earlier 1950’s primer. (I think my brother had that shirt!) This 5X7 hand-crafted and beautifully framed art piece is ready to sit or hang where it’s ageless message can be shared. Remember it’s one of a kind, so grab it – or gift it – while you can.