Business Seminars and Training

What Do I Say? What Do I Do? Business Seminars and Training is actually an offshoot of SANCO consulting – founded by Sandye Linnetz and her brother, Rob Schneider back in 2007 They simply were not ready to retire! (Too much to share…).

SANCO is the home of speakers, trainers and motivators; ready and able to address your company, team, or group of any age or stage on a wide variety of subjects including the hottest current topics from Project and People Management to Personal Development and Stress Management. What makes SANCO unique is our commitment to your vision. Rather than choose a ready-made speech or workshop off the rack, we invite you to assist us in designing exactly the program that fits your needs!

Consulting Partners

Meet the SANCO Consulting Training Team: Rob Schneider, Corporate Seminar Director, Internationally known Speaker and former Executive Development Trainer for Northrop Grumman and Sandye Linnetz, International Motivational Speaker and Trainer, Life Coach and Author.

Both Rob and Sandye are known for their contagious enthusiasm, passion, creativity and high impact presentations. This team powerfully delivers a wealth of information in a style that both engages and delights their audiences. Together they have over 60 years of experience in teaching, consulting and coaching at all levels – with their most current emphasis on adult professionals in the areas of leadership, project management, customer service, systems and organization, presentation skills, communication, conflict resolution and relationship. conflict resolution and relationship.

SANCO Consulting specializes in “full-service” training; working closely with you and your team – from assessment to implementation. Whether you want large group facilitation or one-on-one training and support, Rob and Sandye will design a custom program to fit your needs. They deliver programs that build strong, successful teams, facilitate learning new skills and produce results that are vital for core and financial growth.

Rob Schneider is a graduate of California State University at Long Beach where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. His Masters Degree in Human Resource Management and Development from Chapman University is in process. Over the past 30+ years (28 of those at Northrop Grumman), Rob has earned numerous instructor and facilitation certifications. He draws from a broad spectrum of experiences and tools to share with his trainees.

Sandye Linnetz graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and did her post-graduate work in Education at California State University at Long Beach. She has taught business seminars around the globe as well as writing, editing, speaking and private coaching. And, did we mention that she was featured in Time and Success Magazines AND a guest on Oprah?

Whatever your needs, the SANCO team will design and deliver a custom experience to reach your specific, delineated goals. Where’s your pain? We have the cure!

References and pricing are available on request. Please email to set up a complimentary, no obligation consultation appointment.

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Here are Some Fun Titles to Consider…

Running a Business That Doesn’t Run You
Team Work that Really ‘Works’
The Care and Feeding of Clients and Customers
Bustin’ Loose of Breakdowns
Sex in the Workplace
Stop, Look and Listen: Let’s Communicate
Shut Up and Listen
Speaking Powerfully: Presentation Skills
Minutiae Happens: Handling the Breakdowns
What to Do When There’s Nothing To Do

Interpersonal Skills
It’s ALL Relative
Making Others Magnificent
The Listening Challenge
Enrolling Others in Your Ideas
Straight Talking
‘Works Well With Others’… (just like in school)
Taking Responsibility and Sharing the Results
Talking WITH the Folks at Work.