stuck in a rut


Something New


 By Sandye Linnetz

My daughter brilliantly invented New Food Friday to get my grandson to try new foods. It’s a pretty simple concept… every Friday some formerly foreign food (I just love alliteration.) is introduced to his 4-year old diet. He tries it, evaluates it and determines if it’s something he’d like to have again. He loves the game and most of the new things he tries. Yes, it is a game of sight, smell, texture and taste, and it’s so much more!

In a bigger sense I call New Food Friday the RUT BUSTER! We’ve all felt like we were ‘stuck in a rut’ at some time, haven’t we? It’s an all too familiar situation; an idiom for being bogged down in life – maybe just one area of life; in a boring place that never changes (and seems like it never will). For my grandson it was a food rut. Boy cannot live by mac and cheese alone!

As I do my own personal rut quest (Go ahead, take notes and you can go on your own quest.), I notice that I have some pretty rigid routines. That’s not where I’m stuck, though. Routine is different from rut… unless that routine is boring, predictable, repetitive and a dead end. So where do I look to discover if and where I’m stuck? Hmmm. Well, where do I not have the results I want? (Good place to start looking.) Where am I feeling resigned – as in hopelessly accepting? In what situation do I hear myself say: “Oh well, it is what it is.”  What am I doing – or not doing – when that little voice in my head screams: “Again??!!! You’re in this ^%$# situation again”?

And, as I listen for ‘rut-speak’, the somewhat stoic, fatalistic I can’t really do anything about it anyway attitude that will surely follow a bout of resignation, I hear: “It’s okay like this.” “It’s not that bad.” And then, for you Suzie Cream Cheeses out there (it takes one to know one) – the most telling phrase of all: “I’m FINE.”  Fine is the ultimate F word!

Let your intuition be your guide. It will let you know when and where you need a change. It may even give you clues about what direction to take.

And, that’s when I notice, OUCH! in the area of romance… I need a NEW FOOD FRIDAY!

So, what do you think about NEW MAN MONDAY????