This framed 5″X7″ Boomer Frame-Up is the most ‘inviting’ assemblage here… WANNA PLAY is very early 50’s vintage paper art from the pages of Dick and Jane. The ever so nostalgic Scrabble tiles and the 3-D effect of having the primer ‘prim’ little girls reaching out to join in as Dick and Jane wave, makes you smile. This is it, my friends. It’s a one of a kind, ‘grab me now’ kinda gift item.

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Dick and Jane are playing jump rope but they like the idea of company. Those adorable vintage cut out 3-D kids want to join in and will gladly answer YES to Dick and Jane’s WANNA PLAY? The kids, the clothes, the jump ropes…  the whole idea of playing outside in the sunshine on the grass… well, dang it, it just makes ya smile! Put this on your list for Grandma and Grandpa, that favorite aunt, your friend since childhood… or just keep the darn thing. You know you want to…