Everyone shops… some of us even love it. So, SHOP, this engaging 5″X7″, hand-crafted Boomer Hang-Up (an assemblage of cut paper and wood) is a great gift idea for almost anyone on your list. It’s one of a kind; authentic vintage art and boasts 3-D adorableness that can be displayed on table top or wall.

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How can this be??? Dick and Jane are shopping and there is no technology is sight! SHOP is pure, vintage Dick and Jane – cut from the book (no copies – just the original) with a 3-D cut out of another boy (who looks oddly like Dick) watching the process. It looks like he’s the guy with the cash! The Scrabble tiles tell the whole story in one word: SHOP! Who can you gift this to – or is it perfect for YOU? Got a friend who loves to shop? Hates it? Is a ‘shopper in training’? Works for all…