There is only one of these! Each Boomer Frame-Up is one of a kind, hand crafted and designed to stir your memories and captivate your heart. This one is 5″X7″ and designed for table top or wall. It’s also designed to captivate and make you smile… especially because it’s a little off-color, a little suggestive; a play on words that will probably keep it out of the baby’s room Well, that is unless daddy and or mommy think it’s funny. I think it’s funny. That’s why I made it. Besides, that vintage art is very cool!

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BOYS and their BALLS… Dick has balls. Oh, BALLS!

Okay. I’ll stop. This vintage Boomer Frame-Up has Dick (yes, that’s Dick of Dick and Jane fame) shooting hoop and balancing on a ball.  Innocent stuff, don’t ya think? It looks so innocently ‘rainbow’ and sounds so, ah, off color.

You decide who it’s right for… maybe they don’t have kids. Maybe it’s you. I think it’s funny. Maybe I should just keep it.