How to Be Happy and Grateful – Print Version


EVEN when you’re in quarantine!

Here is the ultimate “HOW TO” guide for living, surviving and even thriving in the time of covid with happiness and gratitude! Within the 40 pages of thought-provoking, clever, inspirational and vibrantly colorful wordart quotes, sayings and words of wisdom, are lessons, suggestions, exercises and a do-it-yourself gratitude list. This book is about spreading the love… not the germs; social distancing with love and quarantining with aloneness – NOT loneliness! This is a joy-filled and joyful reminder about the power of happiness and gratitude. Here you will be entertained, inspired and motivated to find and share happiness and gratitude in the toughest of times – when we need it the most.

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It’s OFFICIAL! The Happy and Grateful Book (HOW TO BE HAPPY and GRATEFUL  Even when you’re in quarantine!) is available for immediate shipping! Treat yourself and your significant others to 40 pages of tips for successful survival in difficult times. Don’t just survive… THRIVE!

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