This might be my favorite Boomer Hang-Up… It’s an attractive and sturdy ‘milk white’, 11″X9″,  3-D frame on a hand-crafted assemblage of vintage cut paper and wooden Scrabble tiles.

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GOT MILK? This one will certainly MOOOOOOve you! Milk in glass bottles (with those little round cardboard thingies on top). Did the milkman dome to your house? Mine had really really good chocolate milk! In this case the vintage Dick and Jane sourced art is of Dick, Jane and Sally getting bottles from the milkman. As you can see in the little 3-D cutout, Spot and Puff have their own milk. And finally, see that cow? She came out of a well-loved Think and Do book from the 50’s!

Gift the captivating nostalgia of this timeless (well actually it’s vintage/back then) Boomer Frame-Up.