FREE is a framed, 5″X7″, paper and wood assemblage – a vintage, totally FUN page out of history – or in this case, out of genuine Dick and Jane early readers from the 1950’s and 60’s. The scrabble tiles spell out F*R*E*E, and this lovingly hand-crafted art piece is a constant reminder of what it felt like to go off on an adventure…

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Nothing says childhood “freedom” better than taking off on your bike! Playing cards clothes-pinned to the spokes… streamers and a bell on the handle bars… It’s why everyone wanted one. New, used – didn’t matter because any bike was better than no bike! This original, vintage Boomer Frame-Up celebrates being FREE; jumping on and taking off. Sure, bicyclists will love this one – it’s timelessly nostalgic, but it’s the little ones who first discover the joy of riding off to freedom! Get FREE!