COOL CAT is a cool and golden glitzy 6″X8″ beautifully framed homage to the vintage cat star of the 50’s-60’s Dick and Jane early basic reading books… remember??? This piece (like all Boomer Frame-Ups) is lovingly hand-crafted and one of a kind. If you ever had a cat or ever wanted one (heck, if you know what a cat IS…) this is for you!

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COOL CAT is clearly the sparkliest “cat’s meow” of the art world. It is the purrrrfect gift for any cat lover, baby shower, your vet’s birthday or the pet store or cat house manager! You did recognize Puff, didn’t you? Puff was the official family kitty for those stars of vintage reading books: Dick, Jane and Sally! She’s pure bred vintage – an original art piece you can display or hang with pride. No Kittying.