BFF(Best Friend Forever or Best Furry Friend – you decide) is a love-filled, 5″X7″framed, 3-D delight of vintage art, scrabble tiles and nostalgic memories of your first furry friend.  Do you feel your heart strings being played? Remember that puppy you had? Well, now you can share that joy – but only once. This piece (like each of the Boomer Hang-Ups) is a hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind art piece. Guess you could say, “It’s SPOT on!”

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Baby shower gift? Dog lover? BabyBoomer? BFF – that’s Best Friends ForEVER – and that’s Jane and Sally there with good old Spot (Hey, where’s Dick?). Baby Boomers, you probably recognize SPOT and this original, GENUINE page out of the early 60’s Dick and Jane primer. The little cut out of Sally 3-D’d on the top of the mat is from a 1950s edition! And those scrabble tiles? They complete the assemblage by announcing to the art world that SPOT, JANE and SALLY are BFF. Why not share this art piece with your BFF.