Sometimes I just don’t ‘wanna’. There are days when I don’t want to work – though I have plenty of work to do. I want to share my coaching with the world, but I don’t do much to let the world know that I have things they may want to hear. I joined a gym over a year ago and I still haven’t gone for a class or a workout. I don’t want to go to the gym – though I do want to lose those 5 ‘extra’ pounds and my running and daily push-ups aren’t getting the job done. I don’t want to ‘look’ for new clients – even though I love coaching and my bank account would be happy. And I can’t seem to get it together in the ‘find a man’ department, either. I say that I really, really want to, but when it comes to joining on-line dating sites or local clubs or groups… nada! I have made absolutely no move – no effort – to meet a man, even though I know that it would be fun. I just don’t feel like it. It’s too much effort. So, I don’t wanna.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do want all of those things to happen. I want to speak before a crowd of 1000’s, lose those 5 pounds and fall in love. I just don’t want to do them. I want them to all just occur. I want Prince Charming to ride up on his white horse with fifty new clients and a pill that will give me the perfect body overnight. I want someone to ‘discover’ me and make it their life’s work to put me on stage. Is that too much to ask? Ya think?

So I have the goals and I have the desire…  What I don’t have is a plan because my resistance is waaay stonger than I seem to be. Truth is, as I write this I’m not even sure what I’m resisting. And that, my friends, is the reason I chose this topic for the week. My guess is, if I have issues (aka blocks) keeping me from having what I say I want… so do many you!

The journey, then, is to discover what is keeping me from going all Nike on it and “JUST Doing IT”! It’s clearly not a motivation thing. And I’m definitely not lazy. It’s a resistance; some subconscious or unconscious fear that has me absolutely paralyzed. It’s a under the radar thing that is keeping me from being in action and doing what I do so effortlessly in so many other areas of my life… take charge and make it happen!

I now open up the inquiry. Time to ‘google my brain’ and, with the right questions, I may have some amazing answers by my Thursday night MOTIVATE and ACTIVATE call. I can’t wait to share… I WANNA!